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Kevin Brown speaking with a colleague
  • Keeping our members at the center of the transaction

  • Collaboratively strategizing with innovators

  • Re-evaluating & building partnerships | Second Century Ventures 

NAR and the REALTOR® of the future will have to continue to evolve to keep our members at the center of the transaction. It is imperative that we continue to add value for our clients and in every real estate transaction. This will likely include strategizing and collaborating using nontraditional approaches. For the sake of our profession, we must continue to lead the way and provide the very best tools, technology, legal protections, and market intelligence to remain competitive and profitable in a rapidly changing business environment. We will maintain and strengthen our partnerships with our institutes, societies, and councils to best achieve our shared goals.

A change in the role and focus of the REALTOR® is a top priority for NAR. As thought leaders in our industry, we must embrace all business models as competition will drive and prepare us for the future. Continued development of our Second Century Ventures is essential to innovate and stay ahead of the curve for our members.

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